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Address : Pasteur 01.24

Short resume

I hold a Master Degree in Biomolecular sciences from the University of Turin (2010) and a PhD in Plant Biochemistry from the University of Grenoble – CEA (2013). I have been working on the regulatory mechanisms allowing plants to defend themselves from parasites or to develop associations with symbiontic fungi. To this aim, I applied Molecular Biology and Biochemical tools, such as gene amplification and cloning, protein-protein interaction assays, protein purification by several chromatographic techniques, enzymatic assays and metabolite purification by HPLC. After a first Post-Doctoral experience at the University of Geneva, I recently joined the BF2i lab, where I started using epigenetic tools to unravel the mechanisms allowing weevils to interact with symbiotic bacteria living in their gut and improving their nutrition. Since 2018 I am Secretary of the association AIRIcerca (