Unit Platforms


Imaging of Symbiotic Systems

Manager: Séverine Balmand (Engineer INRA, 100%)

Scientific advisors: Abdelaziz Heddi and Federica Calevro

Objectives: Our imaging platform (Microscopy-Histology) specializes in analyzing insect tissues, monitoring their interactions with biotic partners, mainly microbes, but also with the host plant. The main tissues identified as carrying out these functions are the bacteriome (in the case of integrated symbioses), the digestive tract and, to a lesser extent, the salivary glands. The identification of bacterial genomes within these tissues, but also that of specific expressions, of both prokaryote and eukaryote origin, is one of the central methodological objectives of the platform. The tissue and cellular levels are tackled in the UMR using photonic fluorescence microscopy, and the subcellular level by various confocal and transmission electronic methods hosted by the Lyonnaise Pi2 platform (Integrated Imaging Platform), the electron microscopy pole of which is located on the La Doua/LyonTech Campus.

Techniques and equipment: To be completed... 

Access conditions: for the moment, this platform has mainly been used internally for the Unit’s projects, but it is also available for collaborative projects (depending on the workload), within the IFR on site and that of the future Biology Sector of the Campus, as well as to external academic joint ventures with UMR BF2I teams. To be negotiated with the Platform Managers.

Location: This “Symagerie” platform is located in UMR203 BF21, in the Louis Pasteur Building of the Lyon INSA (Pasteur, Level 1 & Room 406.04.40).