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Address : Pasteur 01.04

Short resume

I hold an engineering degree in Bio-Informatics from INSA Lyon, a Master in Theoretical Computer Sciences from ENS Lyon, and a PhD on the field of Data Mining from INRIA and INSA Lyon. My research activity focus on the design of machine learning and data mining techniques, and their application to different kinds of problems. During my PhD, I have developed adaptable data mining algorithms, inspired on bacterial evolution, that take advantage of an evolvable genome structure, to analyze complex and dynamic data. I used these techniques to tackle different applications, such as the analysis of chemical compounds, the inference of user contexts from Wi-Fi signals, the detection of aquatic drone states, the study of speeches from latin american politicians, and the creation of an artificial musical personal companion for dancers. As a data scientist at Worldline, I designed deep-learning architectures to detect technical issues on F1 cars. And finally, as a post-doc at ENS Paris-Saclay, I developed new transfer learning algorithms for random forests. I have recently been recruited as an Associate Professor at INSA Lyon. In this context, I will develop my research activity within the BF2I lab, where I will crunch biological data to infer, model and study, the genetic interaction network between insects and their symbiotic bacteria.